Everyone speaks of safety and everyone will respond - remember to participate in the BCG project 2023 "Safety production Month" activity

Release time: 2023/6/26

  June in midsummer,On the occasion of the 22nd national "Safety Production Month" in June 2023,The company closely revolves around "everyone speaks safety.,Everyone will respond "theme,The "Safety production Month" will be an important carrier of safety production education and an effective starting point for improving safety production,Combined with the actual situation of the enterprise,Carefully organized and carried out the "Safety production Month" activities,We will vigorously promote safety culture and popularize safety knowledge,Improve the quality of safety production of employees,Use responsibility and responsibility,Played a magnificent "peace song"。It highlights the strong atmosphere of "everyone talks about safety and everyone will respond to emergencies"。

  Our company in Guangdong Jiangmen BASF --BCG project team members actively participate in BCG's safety production month activities, the whole project team attaches great importance to, carefully deployed, actively invested in the safety production month activities。Among them, I signed up for the safety knowledge competition, safety video, fire skills competition and other projects, and won the third place in the safety knowledge competition and safety video competition respectively。Especially in the master such as cloud fire skills competition in the first place to honor the crown。

  The team that operates as a BCG project,Know the importance and particularity of safe operation,Always pay attention to safety details in daily work,Do not let go of any security risks;Prevent the occurrence of "three violations" of the safety of on-site operators,In the production and operation, do not forget the hidden trouble investigation and management,Do not forget to enhance the safety thinking and awareness of the project team members。

  The safety production month activity has come to an end,But it does not mean the end of safety production management.,Our Yue 'an operations team always insists on safety without any slack,Work to consolidate existing security gains,Continuously enhance the awareness of production safety responsibility,With the tenacity of grasping iron marks, the various safety management systems are implemented in detail,Strive to provide suppliers with quality, safe and efficient services。

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